Equine America

Equine America is a global leader in the equine supplement industry.

Equine America is a global leader in the equine performance and wellbeing supplement industry. It is a family run business, founded in 1997 by Phil and Julie Middleton, and now run by their son Lee. Their extensive range of targeted nutritional supplements and external products combine tradition with scientific research to provide innovative products to support optimum health and performance. We continue to work with Universities and Veterinary Practices to help further our understanding and progress the scientific research behind our products.

Equine America have a global customer base, supplying elite riders from all disciplines, including Olympic and World Champions, as well as leisure riders. Our “30-day money back guarantee” serves to reinforce the total confidence in our products.

Our products are manufactured in the highest standard facilities, using innovative and effective ingredients sourced from approved and accredited suppliers. We use state of the art, unique testing on every single ingredient to ensure a uniform strength and quality, along with a specialist mixing process to ensure.