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Sandout Pellets

Sandout Pellets

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Sandout Pellets helps aid digestion and restore healthy microbiome affected by sand ingestion.
  • SUPPORT YOUR HORSE’S HEALTH – Horses can graze on sparse vegetation, be given hay or feed spread out on sandy or very dry and dusty soils, ingesting sand and causing poor gut health. Sandout Pellets’ composition stimulates digestion to expel excess sand in the gut.
  • NATURAL INGREDIENTS – This horse digestive supplement contains over 90% Psyllium husk and is high in fibre. This forms a gelatinous compound that stimulates gut muscle movement, naturally moving blockages along.
  • BALANCED DIGESTIVE HEALTH – For a healthy horse or pony and balanced diet, a yeast probiotic is included in the horse feed supplement to aid digestion and restore healthy microbiome affected by sand ingestion.
  • Ready to use and easy to feed in a palatable pellet formulation.
  • Equine America is BETA NOPS and UFAS accredited, making Sand Out Pellets suitable for horses competing under FEI regulations and the Rules of Racing by reducing the risk of our products containing prohibited substances.


Quality Commitment

Equine America manufactures to a strict code of feed safety. This product has been manufactured in licenced premises using quality assured ingredients under strictly controlled production conditions and conforms to the requirements of the relevant legislation governing the manufacture of animal feeding stuffs. Equine America monitors for the presence of specified naturally occurring prohibited substances (NOPS) as required under the rules of racing and other affiliated competitions which are in line with BETA NOPS guidelines. Adherence to these guidelines ensures that the risk of occurrence of such substances is minimised.

Ingredients Per 90g Serving

Psyllium Husk81.7g Clinoptilolite Clay4.95g
Probiotic (saccharomyces cerevisiae)2.5x1010cfu


Product Description

Horses and ponies grazing sparse vegetation or given hay or feed spread out on sandy or very dry and dusty soils, can ingest varying amounts of sand. This sand can accumulate in the gut and cause digestive disturbances, adversely affecting the normal functioning of the gut.

It is thought that this gelatinous psyllium helps to stimulate the muscular waves or peristalsis which pushes the contents of the gut along its length, helping to expel the excess sand which may have accumulated in the gut. 

Because of the abrasive nature of sand as it moves through the digestive system, the gut lining may be affected, upsetting the balance of the vital microbiome (“gut bugs”) which normally adheres to the gut lining. Sandout Pellets also contain a probiotic to help restore a healthy microbiome.

Sandout Pellets should be fed for 7 consecutive days in each month to avoid the gut and the microbiome becoming accustomed to the psyllium, and using it as a soluble fibre source rather than an aid to sand expulsion. Feeding for longer than 7 days should be discussed with your veterinary surgeon.

Ingredients & Nutrition

Directions For Use

Feeding Directions: For 500kg horse: 90g per day, mixed in a small feed for 7 consecutive days of each month or as advised by your veterinary surgeon. Do not exceed 90g per day unless advised by your veterinary surgeon. 45g (approx.) measure enclosed.

Do not add to wet food or allow to soak up moisture as this will activate the product before reaching the gut. If you do need to add to soaked feed, we recommend keeping Sandout Pellets as dry as possible and adding immediately before feeding.

Pack size 2.6kg provides 4 x 7 day courses. 

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